Sunday, May 3, 2015

doggies doggies every where


Packed up Bodi, who was excited for the drive. Forgot a box of stuff though. Oh well...I'll bring it next time I'm on site. But yeah, Bodi was returned to Bainbridge Island! He was excited, then gave the cold shoulder (this time I picked him up, it was more a matter of me removing him from Boss, whereas before she had been gone for the day by the time I took him home), then returned to his usual antics.

I photographed things. I did research things. I talked to my boss about a thing at the end of my shift that was important. I'm going to be looking to finding more local work and will phase myself out of this job...no immediate time frame BUT I made my intention clear. Work has been causing my anxiety, so a change was needed and what better day than on the anniversary of my leaving Santa Cruz for my cross country road trip? Can you believe it's been a year?

I accidentally dropped my eyebrow brush behind the sink and it fell where I can't get it, so I bought a replacement. And my copy of SuperMutant Magic Academy arrived at Liberty Bay Books, so I picked that up. Hurray for local booksellers! Then I bought a ticket for the 8:30 showed of Avengers: Age of Ultron (7:30 was sold out), got some McDonald's, then went and saw the movie...

...which left me very whelmed. Like...the effects were killer, the stunts were awesome, and some scenes were so Heironymus Boschian in their detail and all over action. And the sass level was great...but there wasn't a sense of real danger or that the heroes wouldn't triumph. It was lacking something. The Marvel movies are too big now and thus lack individuality and specialness. It's one big show and it can't go one forever because actors age. Anyway. Yeah. No need to see it again in theaters for me.

Next movies I'm looking forward to: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Jurassic Park 4.

Returned home and did my home thing.


Dad said shrimping started at 9am. He arrived at 8:15 am. I was in bed then I hear a knock knock hello?

But I still dozed in a bit. Then I made breakfast and a bit of coffee for Dad when he came in from setting the shrimp pots. Then he went back out. Brought the first bucket in, beheaded them, then went out, got the rest, beheaded those. So many shrimp! Very good first day of shrimping. He got the large pot boiling, and I was on 2 minute timer duty. We got those babies cooked in no time, and wow they were delicious. I ate so many shrimp. Sprinkled garlic salt on a few of them. Num num. Shared with Celia. Our permits were met, I tell you what.

There was a lounge break. And a look at boats break. Then Dad and Celia and I piled in the van and headed to Linda's cabin for dinner. I met Reed (Linda's grandson) and Gabriel (Linda's rescue doggy). Ohhh Gabriel was a cute doggy. Friendly, small, with little black eyes. Melted my heart. Dinner was healthy and tasty and there was cake. Dad is staying over, so there should be breakfast! I think tomorrow I'll make a grocery run and clean house. Everythings looking cluttered to me right now, so it'd be nice to sort things away.

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