Thursday, April 30, 2015

wow my posts are short


Worked. Walked Bodi out to the Navy Point and back. He's a bit antsy this time and not listening to me as well as last time. I think he's learned that he's actually away from the Boss right now.

And I burned pudding in pan and took lots of kitchen magic and Celia's help to scour it off the bottom. Heat, water, vinegar, baking soda. Not in that order. There was soaking. And heating. And furious scrubbing. Eventually it cleaned, but not till Thursday morning after a night's soak.


Cleaned the pan. Had bacon and eggs in another pan. Did more work. Walked Bodi more. He is totally a bit more ignoring of me. Maybe he resents being sent into my care this time. Oh well.

Got work and errands tomorrow. Then it's the weekend! I might plant a few carrots.

A year ago I was packing up to leave Santa Cruz. Has it really been eight months since my trip finished?

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