Monday, April 27, 2015

steak and potatoes


Did a bit of work, then drove over to Suquamish to hang with Aaron, hurray! Today was April 25th, which according to Miss Congeniality is the perfect date. Dinner was rib eye steak and potatoes grilled outdoors, with a salad for greenery. Very delicious, and well cooked. Afterwards we watched Death at a Funeral and Banjo cuddled with me like a good doggy. I didn't stay over, so naturally I returned home and slept way, way in.


I was so perfectly warm and content. Morning is nice. There is so little noise.

I did some more work from home work and did some laundry and had a long breakfast and listened to podcasts. Not all in that order. Now I'm just going to finish this episode of Mad Men and tuck into bed because it's a work on site day tomorrow!

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