Tuesday, April 28, 2015

seals have their spot


On site! Back on site again. I photographed and we caught up and talked upcoming tasks and stuff. Moderately productive day. Got a stack of stuff to do from home over the next few days, as well as looking after Bodi!

On the way to work I got caught by the raising bridge, and in some construction, and behind a school bus for a second. Bleh.

On the way back, no biggie. Deposited my paychecks. Got some junk food. Bodi got very stoked once we started coming down the road. He played with Corbie for a bit, then we chilled out.


Up early to walk the dog. Boo, early up! Then sat out front at Celia's with her and the doggies. We were both in our pajamas looking scruffy.

I had some breakfast and waited for ma and pa to show up. Today is put the raft in the water day! The weather was nice in the morning, but quickly turned cold and rainy with a bit of wind. No good.

Ma installed some lights in the garage. Dad drove the trailer under the raft, which has been propped up during the fall and winter season, and we three and Bodi took it down to the shellfish lab to launch it. All went pretty smooth, despite the rain. I walked Bodi and he got a bit damp.

Dad towed it around to the buoy, Mom drove Bodu & I back. I put more logs on the fire and put on dry clothes. Dad showed up pretty darn quick. Everything was secured and we hauled up what needed to be hauled up. Success! I made a bowl of popcorn and we caught the end of Operation Condor on television. Celia stopped by for conversation, then Ma and Pa departed for Seabeck once again, and I was left to my devices. My devices being a gigantic cook up of pasta and sauce (enough for several days) and general do-nothing-ary.

Tomorrow is a work day.

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