Wednesday, May 13, 2015

mom likes birds


Worked getting stuff online. More stuff. Always more stuff. Did some rearranging. Ma and Pa came up again for a few days of shrimping and hard core yard work. I had sit on my bum and do computer work, so I did that. But I did help time the shrimp and eat the shrimp that was barbecued for dinner. I'm sure other things went down, but they went to bed early and I went to bed late.


Today I worked on writing up tutorials for listing items on Square and eBay. They are mainly a jumping off point for the boss, and there's always far more info to be included, but for now I feel pretty good about them. Hopefully they are clear.

Ma and Pa cleared so much brush, and Dad did tons of sawing of branches. So much brush clearing! It was nice to have Ma make lunch. Barely an interruption in my flow of tutorial making. Once I got the Square one done, we took a little hike and then dinner, which was Arthur shaped pasta, beans cooked Trill style, and chicken. Oh and a bottle of Merlot that had a bird on the label, because of course it had a bird on it. Post dinner I made cupcakes and we watched A Knight's Tale. Such fun.

Then I did the eBay tutorial, and was on a roll and I finished it. Now it's very late and I'm going to go to sleep. I think I'll do some gardening tomorrow. And it's the last day for shrimping.

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