Thursday, May 14, 2015

last days of shrimp

Last day with Ma and Pa visiting. Last day for shrimping too. We got a motherlode, so we should be good on shrimp for the rest of the year.

I had a cuppa coffee and two eggs and english muffins for breakfast. Yum. Ma improved the upstairs of the garage and now there is another bed for company! Now I just need some company. Ma and I gardened a bit. In some of the open beds I planted cucumbers, carrots, and pumpkins. Some of the garden beds need airing because of dirt fungus,

The weather was clear and crisp, but damp from rain and heavy with the hints of more rain to come. A good day to do activity outside. I helped Dad roll up the ropes and haul up the shrimp gear. Ma made sandwiches for lunch and Dad grilled some shrimp.

With all the shrimp got and packed, Ma and Pa departed. Nice to have a few days worth of company.

I did a spot of laundry and a spot of work and had some noodles for dinner. Now it's bed time because, guess what, I'm on site tomorrow!

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