Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why did the cowboy buy a dachshund?

Back at it! Ryan cleaned and reclaimed. So odd to have that done by someone who isn't me. I did museum banners. I hope I didn't mess one up. I'll see if it gets rejected. Properly doing those banners for poles, you know the ones that hang flat off the side of poles up in the air? is really hard. Very specific measurements need to happen.

I also burned a bunch of stuff. Double coated. Weeded. Heat pressed. Nice start to the week.

Unless I messed up that banner. Errr.

Had some tea once I got home. Started to listen to the podcast about Fridtjof Jansen. A Norwegian explorer with a great mustache. It's a two part episode, so I'm excited to learn more. Apparently he didn't die young on the arctic, so yay!

I'm all caught up on Thrilling Adventure Hour. I guess I'll balance Stuff You Missed in History with more Radiolab and Dinner Party Download.

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