Friday, February 20, 2015



Great Aunt Mary's memorial was really nice. I got to see Jenny, Janet, Brian, Katy, Lee, Carmen, Josh, Leif and Eric briefly, Hans, Brynne, Dan, Perry, Rosie, Celia...though I see Celia often. There was a generous buffet and memories were shared of a wonderful lady. I've only met Mary a few times, but she has had quite the impact in our family/

I caught the 11:15am Edmonds ferry over, walked to the Edmonds Yach Club. Wore a nice dress, tights, and was probably the best dressed on the ferry.

After the memorial, Carmen, Josh, Brian and I went to the Salish Brewery for a few pints and a game of Cards Against Humanity. I had an IPA and a cider. I didn't win, and Carmen almost won but Brian stacked the game to Josh. Such a sibling move!

I was dropped off at the ferry, didn't have to wait long, and cruised on back  past Quilcene to home. Did some more work and then tucked in to bed late in the night.


Worked on site! Did some computer work, then photographed a bunch of things. Shoes, books...other things? It's totally slipped my mind in the few hours that has passed since I did that. Hahaha. A nice little day. Got some more at home duties to do on Monday. And plenty of stuff to do to get more stuff on the store.

Tomorrow I'm getting brunch in Port Townsend with Aaron, yay!

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