Tuesday, February 18, 2014

if only it were like a real Tardis and just continually poured tea

Another three day weekend! I think I'd rather work four 10 hour days than five 8 hour ones, honestly. I like this rotation.

I did my nails. My right nails are yellow, my left are orange.

At lunch, took it easy. I made myself a Tardis bottle full of iced tea, grabbed some cookies to nibble on, and walked down to the park on Brommer Street, and sat against a tree for a few hours and read from my Kindle. I feel like I'm reading more with the Kindle. It's just so light and easy. And I can bounce through a few samples if I want a change of literary pace.

I ended up taking a nap when I got home. Just felt really tired and needed a lay down.

I'm almost done with the second season of Call the Midwife! I love to marathon shows. Ma, keep an ear out for a familiar voice when watching Miranda. Let me know if you like it!

Now I shall retire to bed. Starting early tomorrow!

Also I think some guy hollared at me from his car, but I had my headphones in so I had no idea if he did or didn't. Pfft. Guys with their hollaring.

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