Sunday, February 16, 2014

dawn of pink

I uncovered a Macy's gift card and it had actual dollars on it, so I went to Mac and used it towards my first Mac lipstick:

The color is "Girl About Town". I'm partial to fuchsias (see: my beloved Covergirl lipstick in Spellbound). I went to the store and did testers on my arm (which is what you are supposed to do, do NOT put testers on your face because of GERMS) and then asked the lady at Mac to clean the lipstick so I could try it properly on. Gotta be sanitary. It applied so well and was so bright. But you know I already bought it. The Mac ladies were really nice. And the lipstick lasted until I ate dinner! Which is always a good sign for lipsticks. I hate it when they wear away in the middle and then you have a lipstick ring.

Stocked up on Yakult at Target. Bought some more compost bags. Had some pasta later on. Took a hot bath-OH I forgot to get more bath salts at Target. Darn. Oh well. As I was saying, I took a bath and read in the bath. That was nice.

Tomorrow I might try a fancy makeup look ala Audrey Horne. Maybe I'll do something in the crock pot? Hmmm.

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