Thursday, February 20, 2014

up and awaaaay

Did another major step today! I'll make the big announcement soon, but yaaay I'm feeling good about things! I'm not feeling good about the popcorn I over salted though. Boo. At least popcorn is cheap.

Work was okay. I made a mistake though, which wasn't good. I don't like making mistakes.

We printed posters, which was fun! Only single color. They covered all the flat surfaces in the studio. Lots of me running about finding places to set things and checking to see if I could double stack (they dried fast, so it's all good). Did some stickers. Burned some screens. Taped some screens.

At home, I had a nice talk with Jeff about art and thesis and art making and the way that art changes from mental image to completion. It was a really nice chat.

Things are looking up!

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