Sunday, September 22, 2013

back and forth & to and fro


"Coat or clean?" "Coat." So I did that. And I cleaned. Caught. Did bunches of stuff. Didn't burn any screens, but now we have plenty of screens to burn. Just, like, no 123s. Jeff is going to help me move my mattress on Sunday, so now I have to hit the moving game pretty hard. Well. Hardish.

I took a load over in the evening. My plastic drawers. My grey metal shelf which was a bitch to navigate in and out of my car. All the dust I'm kicking up is really making me sneeze. I should really dust.


Slept in. Slept way way in. It was raining and I didn't want to get out of my warm, warm bed. But I did. Eventually I got around to taking over some more things. Stacking little plastic tubs is really coming in handy. Oh! I also swung by Target and even though I tried my darndest, I could not locate a damn stepping stool! I want one due to how short I am, but I couldn't locate one. I asked but the dude wasn't that helpful.

I saw the movie Prisoners, which was REALLY good. A bit slow to start but the last 45 minutes were just tense and woah.

Back at Bixby, I packed up more stuff. Now it's almost everything. I think I'll try to get my room cleared out, then I'll call Jeff and we'll move my mattress and bike. Then I'll pack up my bathroom stuff and food. It'll be a busy day. Then a new section of my Santa Cruz life starts.


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