Monday, September 23, 2013

it's oh so quiet in Live Oak

First day commuting from the new house. It wasn't that bad! It was maybe a couple minutes longer with a few more turns, but less traffic and the roads are in better condition. I take a different route coming back because it is easier to get on the freeway back than it is going. Both ways were good, and it is a different scenery to get used to. But the end is the same. Winding road and work.

I arrived and the job was set up and ready to go so...Jeff and I spent the whole day running the job. 800+ shirts, but due to the flash time it went rather slow. Still. The shirts look great and it was all lovely and at the end the boss was complimentary towards my good work. Yay boss!

Started The Wise Man's Fear, which is 42 hours long! Any given Discworld audiobook is 6-8. It's a good story though, so I'm looking forward to it. Well the first book was very good (The Name of the Wind) so this should be also good. Mmm hmm.

I live within 10 minutes walking distance of Trader Joe's! Driving is a bit longer because walking I can take a shortcut. Yay! I did a TJ's trip. Jeff made some artichokes, which I had some of. I unpacked a bit further. I'm getting close! Some things are just going to end up stored in the trunk of my car. That damn futon.

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