Monday, September 23, 2013

doughnuts, mattresses, many trips, and a new home

Welp. I am writing to you from my new desk set up in my new room in my new house, which I share with Jeff (a different Jeff from my coworker), Tara, and Justen. Adjust your sets accordingly.

Set my alarm and got up early. Had some toast and Emergen-C and then packed up my car. Took the first load over. Did a Target run and got some cash back to pay Jeff for his impending help (covered gas and a tip). I just brought in the boxes. I didn't bother with unpacking, as I had those shelving units to bring in, and things would unpack into there. I want to get stuff unpacked, and then I can reorganize.

Called Jeff to tell him he could come on over and help me move the mattress. I stopped by Farrel's and bought a dozen doughnuts (only $8!). Odd to see Jeff not wearing work clothes. Granted he had on just slightly nicer short pants and sunglasses. But you get so used to seeing people a certain way. I guess I must have looked odd in my full jeans and not white tee? Anyway. Hauled in the mattress, put down a sheet, put my bike on top of that. The sheet got dirty but only with dirt, not grease. It was a quick trip. Just got the mattress and bike in and that was that. I could handle the rest on my own, so off he went.

It took two more trips after that. One for shelving and misc stuff. Another for my table and chair. It was dark when I got the last haul in. All my stuff has felt under it to protect the hard wood floors. I had a set of "sliders" and opted to put them on the stacked shelves, which was good because those were the heaviest and got scooted around a bit.

Jeff. Housemate Jeff. Made dinner and shared with me and Jan (Jan is Jeff's friend, not short for Janet, who I'll miss). Then I watched Breaking Bad.

I unpacked a bit more, but I don't feel like doing it all tonight. Plus it is Sunday and I don't want to thump too much. Have to get used to the new noise levels of this place. It seems pretty quiet, but I am sharing a wall now so it might also carry.

Here, have some photos:


Anonymous said...

Do you have a window that looks outside? That window looks like it looks into another room. mum

Anonymous said...

The red and green Tetris pieces are supposed to be opposites.