Thursday, September 26, 2013

art! love art.

I bought an etching from Dominic and it arrived! I love my Spaceman print. I had a frame and matting that fit perfectly too, which is awesome. Hung it up next to another print I've bought, which fit nicely into this very suiting frame I got on sale from Target. Yay, art! Working on my collection.

Work was pretty good. Cleaned stuff. I burnts some screens, and managed to reclaim a small stack at the end of the day. Gotta have the time to get screens back in the exposure room! We can't just print and print and print. The design we are running right now is pretty neat.

I came home to another gift exchange box! The last one! It contained Breaking Bad candy and stickers. I love stickers!

I hung up some art and tried to get the TV to work, but the cables were a mess. Couldn't get the audio to come through. Tried lotsa different red and white connections but not a one of them worked.

Oh well.

Mom. I do have a window that looks outside, just outside into the back yard and there is a big tree that sort of blocks the light. In that previous photo, it is reflecting my closet doors.

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