Sunday, June 9, 2013

let the animation games commence

Had a pretty productive day all around.

Got up at 10ish, did my morning thing. Got to drawing and nailed out a few awesome backgrounds in less time than I was expecting! Booyah. I scanned them, backed and overnight bag, grabbed a snack, checked my tire pressure (my front tires look low but they both say 36, which the front is supposed to be at, right?). Then up I went to San Francisco. There was a lot of traffic...in the other direction. I've had some good luck on 17 lately, it always seems to be dense in the other direction.

Josh showed me some After Effects trickery as a refresher. I'll probably still need to look up some tutorials, but I think I have enough to go on. Carmen worked on editing the video, as it is a combination of live action and animation, and it does seem like less animation that I was originally expecting to do, which is nice. It's still a lot of tight animation with lots of little things, but I can do it! Just a lot of evenings. Hopefully work won't deck me out too much. I'll try to get a lot of drawing done tomorrow, so I can just focus on the program stuff during the week. Drawing and color. Whooee it's a lot, but it'll be cool.

I got to play around on Josh's Wacom Cintiq. The draw on the screen thing that is really cool.

We had take out India food for dinner. Mmm tasty. Josh and I played some Forza 4. A nice evening. Lots of work ahead, but it'll be cool!

Feeling good about things.

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