Saturday, June 8, 2013

looking back a bit and a long ways

Well, I generated a nice little pile of sketches. Now I'm going to go to sleep and resume working in the morning. I don't want to work late, because I know the quality will start to degrade. Lets get this music video started! I'm sorting out the flat backgrounds, that way we can start rigging the scenes.

Work was a shorter day, blessed be. Ran a job. Cleaned. Coated 3 screens. That was it. Nice way to end the week.

Sorry my blog isn't as exciting as it used to be. June 7th, 2012 was when I interviewed for my job, and the 13th was when I was hired!

PNCA is apparently laying off a ton of the core really cool people and restructuring their whole...system of things. That is some major bullshit. They had a good thing going when I was there, Tom Manley needs to actually know a thing or two about the students and the work they are doing and the faculty that bends over backwards to help them. It just pisses me off. No connection between the decisions and who they affect.

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