Thursday, June 6, 2013

ending the day with punk and pizza

oiyoiyoi I need bed stat. It was a loooong day at work.

Coated a full rack of screens, which was awesome. Burned and taped a bunch more screens. The job was set up but it took a lot of tweaking and it got late by the time we started printing, and the deadline was tonight sooo... but Boss bought us pizza! So that was great. Something to keep us going, and it really hit the spot, as pizza tends to do. I also got a chance to use the wheely thing for under the press action, it was awesome!

Got back late and had enough energy to open a beer and watch Hannibal. Now I sleep. Have a lot to do tomorrow and tomorrow night. So much. But at least staying up on a Friday is easier because hey, it's a Friday! I don't work Saturday!

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