Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Wow, I am super duper tired. Think I'll actually go to bed with plenty of time to sleep tonight, though I generally have been really good about getting to bed at a not truly ridiculous hour. I woke up a bunch in the middle of the night last night. Not fun.

At work, thanks to the new screencleaning system, I cleaned AND reclaimed 22+ screens, and still had time to catch, burn, and clean squeegees and floodbars. Awesome!

I finished Lirael and started Quicksilver. Neal Stephenson is always on the border of "too smart for me". Reamde and Snow Crash are accessibly awesome, but Anathem is a whole lotta whaaaat.

Took a nice hot bath when I got home. Cleaning and reclaiming always leaves me feeling chemically, even though I wear gloves and a repirator. Still, the stuff on my hands and touching my hair and stuff, that probably gets it on me...

The ER35 bottle got knocked into the bramble when I was reclaiming, so I had to awkwardly climb down and fish it out. I'm pretty sure I brushed against some poison oak, but I haven't had any sort of reaction or rash. It's my fear that the bottle will REALLY tumble into the poison oak and then I'll REALLY find out if I am secretly immune to Poison Oak. Actually my fear is tripping and falling into it. The reclaiming area is next to an overzealous ditch full of weeds, poison oak, and other plant life.

Anyhoo. Worked on some commission stuff once my brain had time to relax. Next few nights will be busy, busy, busy!

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Anonymous said...

I admit, that aspect of your job of having to wear a respirator and being up to your elbows in toxic crap is not something I like.