Thursday, June 13, 2013

just do what you are supposed to do AE!

Going to be working late trying to figure out these walk cycles. Hopefully not LATE late.

Had a nice day at work. Coated screens, cleaned stuff, caught a little bit, did some banners. Finished Abhorsen, started The Shadow of the Torturer, but something about the narrative style didn't quite catch me, so I started Insurgent. I don't really like the writing style in it either (it needs some editing, it's really all over the place though it has some good qualities). It's hard to find really good stories sometimes.

Got out of work a bit early, so it gave me time to redraw some assets and work on the animation. It's slow going. I was feeling really confident last night, but tonight not so much. I really wish I remembered more about After Effects...

Ah oh well, I have the weekend to work. All..damn...weekend. Maybe I'll buy myself a pizza.

Also a firework went off and set several car alarms going. Nuisance.

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