Monday, June 10, 2013

mmm mochi

Printing on wetsuits is a pain! Thankfully I didn't have to do the pulling, but yeah... they really smell when they come through the dryer after being heat set. And since they are used all sorts of things are getting flash heated up to 340 degrees. Bleehhg. So we printed the wet suits, then Jeff and I set about heat pressing things. I did the front and back and inside and outside on these jerseys, and he did these bags. I finished first and helped him finish the bags. We got one load into the van, though there are still more boxes.

All in all, a nice start to the week. I did some grocery shopping. My Palladiums arrived from Zappos and THEY FIT! Huzzah! Can't wait to break them in a little bit.

Then I got to working on the video. Drew a bunch of assets and scanned them in and pieced them out. Hard to say how minimal I should do the drawings, but once I get them in, it should be easier.

My neck feels really tweaked. I'm going to rest early, last night was a late night.

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