Monday, June 10, 2013

davos 4 ever

It feels so nice sometimes, to be back in that bed that I slept in for a month and a half while I looked for work. It's been a year!

Carmen made tasty scones, which I noshed on through the day while I worked on the video. I had some problems with After Effects, which took a good chunk of time to figure out, but I did get it sorted eventually and by the end of the day we worked out a calendar for the process, and I got the backgrounds into the video where the storyboard originally went, so now it looks more complete. Had exactly enough storyboards! Hurray! It was a lot of putting heads together. The next two weeks will be just...work work work. Well less that, because I want to get the finished animations to them on Friday. I'm not editing the whole video, Carmen is doing the final bits, I'm just producing the animated half. Thank Douglas it is not a FULL video, that would have been insaaaane.

Carmen and I took a little walk in the middle, to chat and clear heads. That was nice. Walked down to this store and she bought some ribbon to put the buttons on. She is really focusing on making all the Kickstarter rewards look reaaaally nice.

Had a nice drive back, not a lot of traffic. Chilled a bit, and worked on the video some more. Watched Game of Thrones. Ate dinner.

Crazy week 1 begins!

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