Sunday, December 20, 2015

family times

Auhhg sleepy. I got up early today to haul butt to the Post Office in the early morning window to make sure the first wave of holiday cards, 33 in total, got into circulation. I've dropped off another 13 tonight in Port Townsend. I want to get a whole 'nother chunk off by Monday. Ideally most of the ones I really want to get circulating. I don't want people getting theirs super late and feeling bad.

Thursday! I worked on site, but not too much. I mean, there was a break in the middle of the day where Boss made us a little Christmas lunch of veggie stuffed noodles and chocolate cake. Yum! Such good eating. I mainly worked the spreadsheet while she pulled items for consignment. Then I left to go see STAR WARS!!! Well first I filled up my tank and put in fuel injector cleaner and a quart of oil. Due for another oil change, I'm at 261k. THEN I went to Poulsbo to see Star Wars! I had snacks and a seat that was closer than I like but still not bad. The mixed nerd audience was so great. Everyone reacted the same and was super into it, and applauded! Multiple times! So great.

It was amazing and I can't wait to see it again. No spoilers!

Friday I worked on cards. I got a heap of stamps and worked on cards. Got them editioned and stamped and got 33 written up by the end of the day. I'd write more tonight but my hand is sore.

Today, Saturday, after dropping off the letters I worked on more letters. At 6:30, Celia and I went up to Port Townsend to meet assorted family members for food at Sweet Lorraine's. It was Brynne and Dan and Muchim and Averie specifically, and Jeanette and Clay arrived for dessert. Presents were exchanged our way, wine was consumed, I had the gnocchi (with mussles and fries starters which were shared). It was a great little round table of people. Lots of conversation and catching up and laughter and development in life. I should hang with Jeanette more often, because she's over in Port Townsend frequently. She's good people.

Celia drove home (see: me having had a couple glasses of wine) and now it's all rainy and I'm going to sleep in tomorrow!

I really need to clean house. It's gotten pretty ... piles of sweaters and stuff. Just a bit of tidying, probably won't take more than an hour to do it. I just need to do it. And I'll write up more cards.

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