Thursday, December 17, 2015

swinging for the fences with these cards and it feels great

Mein gott, I see Star Wars tomorrow!! Ahhhh!!

And I'm working on site, so I won't be at the internet to see spoilers. That's a good thing.

Sooo Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yesterday I worked from home on eBay stuff. Relisted a bunch of stuff just to refresh it in the eBay searches, as well as bring down the prices on a lot of things that hadn't sold.

And I cut more paper for my cards. The edition is sitting nicely at 110. Technically there are 113 made, but those three cards will be special ones given to people before the edition is really ready to go. Right now, the 110 cards have two of their three spot colors painted in. I hope to drop the first batch in the mail on Friday. I'm so happy with how they look, and I can't wait for people to get them.

So worked on the cards yesterday and worked on the cards today. I also ran a Silverdale errand and picked up a make your own stamp kit, so that I don't have to write in my return address on every dang envelope. Also it'll be fun to stamp the "hand printed" blah de blah on the back. The stamp kit has two size letters and stamp bases to put the letters into. Pretty neat. I went to Seabeck and got food and picked up my mail. Said hi to Ma and Pa. Returned home.

Celia got her birthday presents early: two cute catnip toys made by my dear friend Petra! One was shaped like a pizza and the other like a poptart. Teddy loved them, Panda seemed confused, and Sam was Sam. Celia got the first card and she really liked it. Hurray!

Returned home. Worked on cards and other art. Want to finish something before tomorrow.

See ya on the flip side!

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