Tuesday, December 15, 2015

it feels good to be making art

Saturday & Sunday & Monday

So in the past few days I have:

  • Slept in, of course. That's what I do.
  • I saw Krampus with Karen on Sunday. It was fun and well balanced. Had a lot of different things going but it managed too juggle them very well.
  • Finished all my Yakult. 
  • Shopped at Trader Joe's, where the cashier recognized me because my cool totes had come through her line before. She admired them again.
  • Started carving a linoleum block to turn into a print for holiday cards.
  • Cut up paper to print on for the block.
  • Went to Sequim to shop for card supplies. Did NOT want to drive to Poulsbo, so I drove an extra five minutes. Sequim ain't too shabby a place. Got envelopes and washi tape at Office Max and a good stamp pad at Hopalongs? Doodlebugs! That's it. The lady didn't seem to quite get what I was talking about when I said I was printing a linoleum block and was a bit condescending in explaining how they stamp with ink pads, when all I wanted to make sure was that the pad was raised and not inset (a gel pad wouldn't work, my block is too bid).
  • Still, nice to explore north a bit.
  • Listened to podcasts.
  • Ate irregularly.
  • Ordered Christmas presents. Hopefully they'll all arrive before Christmas. Mom & Dad, don't open anything that arrives in my name!!
  • Asked for Monday to be a chill day for me. Got the chill day.
  • Watched TV.
  • Went to bed earlier than usual.
  • Finished the block and started printing.
  • I'm printing 75 to start with, and there is currently 68 names in the address list, though I may not send cards to all the people. There's a few that are priority though.
  • Pre-ordered my Star Wars ticket! Just have to make it to Thursday spoiler free. One day down, two to go.
In the next few days I need to:

  • Work. Working on site on Thursday then going to see Star Wars.
  • Work from home probably.
  • Finish the cards and start getting them mailed out.
  • Buy stamps.
  • Doctor's appointment on Wednesday.

Ma and Pa: if a package arrives for me, give it to Celia to give to me when you see her on Thursday.

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