Thursday, December 24, 2015

hi I'm tired (hello tired, I'm a dad joke!)

AUUHHGGG I'm tired! I just finished Nathan & Helen's present. I wanted to get it in the mail tomorrow. So now it's done. WHOO!! And that is what I've been doing today. Talked to Celia a bit. Didn't clean or tidy. Just finished that up. Won't talk about what it is, and if you want to see it: check out my Instagram. If you DON'T WANT TO SEE IT, AVOID MY INSTAGRAM!!!

Yesterday I met Ma and Pa for the 3:20 showing of Star Wars in Poulsbo. On my way there I dropped off a few more cards, so now there are 93 cards in circulation. Star Wars was hella fun the second time around. Yay the Force!

Afterwards we went to dinner at that thai place on the corner in Poulsbo. I went for the wide flat noodles, as something new. They were really damn tasty!

After a nice dinner with nice family and discussions of beekeeping classes, I made a vitamins run and envelopes run up on the stores on the hill. So I got that done and headed back home.

At least I slept in this morning, but I shouldn't do that tomorrow. Got stuff to do tomorrow, but at least with a Post Office deadline, I can get my boot scootin'.


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