Saturday, December 26, 2015

xmas 2k16

Merry Christmas! We've had a nice lowkey one this year, which I ain't complaining about! No rushing about, hauling gifts, buying a bajillion things, or real struggles to do a lot of stuff. Just presents between three people, food, fun, and episode of Chopped, and merriment.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, I got up earlier than usual and tidied house and packed up and wrapped Nathan & Helen's present and got the rest of my letters addressed and ready to go. I got out of the house at around 3:50 to get to the Post Office in time. I got there at 4:20 and it closes at 4:30. Got N&H's prezzie in the mail with a tracking number and off it went!

And so I left for Seabeck.

At one point in the drive, a mouse crawled out of my car hood and onto my window, but as I was driving sorta fast, it was unable to hold on and it slid off into the night. Hopefully there are not more mice. Guess I'll set a trap overnight in my car?

I arrived in Seabeck at not a bad hour. Paid rent by flinging twenties in the air. Dad made me a hot buttered rum and we played Tetris Block, this letter game, and this other game. I didn't win anything.

I wrapped presents hastily and went to bed at a good hour.

Come morning I blasted the John Finnemore Christmas classic "Get Dressed You Merry Gentleman" as I descended the stairs.

I dumped out my stocking and assembled my Everglades Park Ranger & Swamp Ruffian Lego set.

Dad made coffee and waffles. Tasty tasty. Presents were opened. I got Sugar Skull and The Girl on the Train and a water rescue Playmobil and a fancy popcorn set and some new slippers and pajamas and something I won't spoil for Nathan that is REALLY COOL!

Nice little haul indeed. I got Dad two cozy knit hats (both had good reviews and I didn't know which to get so I got both) and a book about a North Pole explorer and a South Pole explorer. Mom got a nice apron and two bags with birds on them, and she has a fourth present still in the mail.

We took a little hike to the creek and ate a Christmas dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, broccoli and OHMYGOD I just remembered I'll be getting PEOTWHS in the morning. Yuusss.

After dinner we played Beyond Balderdash and I lost by a considerable amount. Then we watched Shaolin Soccer (which was weirder than I remember it being) and an episode of Chopped.

Now it's night time. Goodnight!

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