Monday, October 13, 2014

get a jeorb

Trying to use the internet. It's really bad and sluggish. Blugh. Applied to a sort of social mediay job. Pulled up a few "apply in persons" which I'll see about doing tomorrow. Pizza delivery? Could be fun. Get around the area. Though it is up in Sequim...but if it is only a few days a week? I can't be picky, I gotta get a job. Then I can work towards getting a better, closer job. And other stuff. I'm a good employee. I train well.

Anyway, worked on weeding through job postings. And turned the skull pendant I got in South Dakota into a cool big necklace. And chatted with Celia. And brought down some glasses. No fire stoking today.

I really liked today's Inktober drawing. See if you can find it because my internet is loading too slow for me to be bothered to find and download and copy it into here. I need to spend more time sitting and drawing landscapes and making art. Not having great internet is getting me away from the computer, so that helps.

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