Sunday, October 12, 2014

first friend visit!

Slacking on the blog again! Sorry! I'm not up to much these days, so there isn't much enthusiasm in the reporting. Today I slept in and fought the urge to nap all day long. I tidied up, stoked a fire, read in front of the fire, hung out with Celia and watched some Call the Midwife. It was a rainy windy day, but it also cleared up here and there.

My friend Marcus came over, but didn't stay as he had to work early the next day. Nice of him to come out all this way though! We played Monopoly, caught up on the news, watched Spice World, and said our goodbyes.

I've just been loafing about. Gotta buckle down and get a job! WORK TRILLIAN! WORK!

Yeah. Just holding down the fort.

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