Thursday, October 16, 2014

Whooo! It all came through!

Welp! I got a job! A tidbit part time gig, but it's flexible and nice and supplementary, and it gets the lead out while I look for something more long term and sustaining. It may not continue past Christmas, but for now I am stoked!

Met Christa at Ciups in Poulsbo for a chat and then she showed me the two antiques areas she rents, and set me to pricing and organizing. I'll be helping price and research and maybe do some design work as well. I've got six hours of computer work tomorrow, and I did four today. I'll fill out some W2's as well. So awesome. After work (I'm working!) I went to Seabeck and checked out the home renovations and Ma treated me to pizza. She took Salvador to the vet because Dad had conveniently made an appointment at the same time. Dad just can't be the bad guy in Sal's eyes!

Nice to see the changes. My childhood home is getting a much needed makeover.

Back home I relaxed, because all I can do now is enjoy the evening, get some rest, get up and put in six hours tomorrow, and wait to see about the hotel job,

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