Tuesday, September 6, 2016

yogurt time

And I'm back to work! And it feels weird to be back at it after such a break! Monday was a short shift, with a breakfast focus. Carolyn was there so I just focused on dishes and then clean up. After work, I changed out of my corporate uniform and went downtown. Did some minor shopping and then I went to see Hell or High Water at The Rose. Got popcorn and doused it with Parmesan and yeast. Mmmm! That movie was fantastic! A bank robbery, American landscape, guy movie with some amazing dialogue and brilliant performances. Really engrossing. Did not expect it to be so funny. So good. And it was the matinee so I had plenty of time to go grocery shopping and get home with daylight.

And yes I ate some yogurt. BUT ONLY TILLAMOOK AND ONLY SELECT FLAVORS!!! I'm not a total normo.

Another short shift! 7 fluffs, 1 turn. A lot of waiting for people to vacate their room. Nothing too bad. I did the floors. I brought in my Teavana tea maker, which has the strainer on the top, and had genmaicha tea. It was very good! I like a roasted, earth green tea. Maybe more than black teas.

At home I chilled on the internet, finished Bojack Horseman, drew a comic, and now it's 11 and I'm ahead of what I need to do, so that's good. Hmmm.

Things get busy tomorrow. We got 7 turns and 1 fluff tomorrow! And I need to get all my wedding stuff packed. Thankfully my hair and makeup is taken care of, so I just gotta get my dress and shoes and...well I guess that's it? And a change of clothes too, I suppose.

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