Thursday, December 18, 2014

happy birthday Celia!

Ahk! I'm three days behind again. Sorry.

Monday: I worked on site. Helped pack up things at work, and edit things, and get stuff online. Then I went to the stores and sorted and tidied it up. Then I went back up to Suquamish to see Aaron. We ordered a pizza and drank a couple beers and watched Galaxy Quest. How perfect is that? Pretty darn good in my book. I got home late and slept in later than anticipated.

I worked from home on Tuesday. Edited things on the site mostly.

Wednesday I worked on site. I made a few signs, edited things, The weather has been staying nice and mild. Not much rain, no freezes. I wore my Italian leather heel boots, black pants, gray long sleeve tee, black hoodie, and blood orange pleather jacket, with shell bracelet. I looked so badass.

After tidying up the stores, I returned to the Island and met Aaron at the Winslow Ale House. I was there are 6 and people were not due to arrive till 7, and he works down the street, so time for a quick pint. Hee hee hee. Anyway, he didn't meet any of the family. Celia arrived for her birthday hugs and I gave her these earrings I got at work that were perfect for her. There was live music, and at around 7:30, Brynne and Averie and Sally and err.... I forget the fourth person's name... arrived. Everyone is looking so good and fly this season! I had a salad and bread dinner, and this ice cream dish.

A nice night indeed. Can't believe Celia is the age that she is, as she looks great! A lady never narcs on someone elses age. I'm not working on site again till Tuesday, but I got hella errands to run.

And by hella errands I mean watching Force Majure.

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