Saturday, December 20, 2014

prezzies for y'all

My internet is coming and going. Has a long way to go over the canal.

Yesterday! I ran errands like a boss! I went to two different stores and got things for people, and a few things for myself. And I got my oil changed. They said it's all looking good, so that's good. It was rainy and dreary. Perfect for errand running. And I saw Force Majeure, which I was expecting to be a horror movie but was instead a relationship drama. It was refreshingly realistic though, with some nice shot composition and you know I dig Kristofer Hivju. It was long though, or rather it felt every second of it's two hours, which isn't a good thing.

Then I made a Trader Joe's run and then went home. The bridge was up, but only for a bit.

Today (Friday) I chilled out. Made a fire. Watched the Black Mirror Christmas special. Took a nap. Tomorrow it'll probably hit me how behind I am on holiday prezzie making.

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