Monday, October 7, 2013


Went to bed with the mind to make some curry in my crock pot.

Had a light breakfast, then I walked to Trader Joe's where they had all the fixings I needed! Hurray! I went home and mixed the spices and chicken and coconut milk and yam and onions and set it on high. Couldn't wait for some tasty tasty. Then I went to Janet's garage sale and picked up some of her neater pieces of clothing. She was technically giving stuff away at that point, but I still gave her some money. Picked up a cool green windbreaker with Massachusetts parks patches on it. It'll be great for my Eternal Scout patch, when that arrives. I spent a good chunk of the day securing one of the patches on the new jacket (it was mostly off) and securing the patches on my patch vest.

I watched the Simon Pegg movie A Fantastic Fear of Everything. It was pretty neat. Very colorful and Pegg is awesome. It sort of turns in the last third, plot wise, but all in all I enjoyed it.

The curry turned out AWESOME! I ate two bowls. I offered it up to the housemates but I don't know if they had any. I should make crock pot cooking a more regular thing.

A pretty good Sunday, all things considered.

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