Monday, October 7, 2013

the chill is coming

I killed that spider that has been lurking! Hurray!

Work was mostly catching. Caught the backs on one job. Fronts and backs on another. Broke the press down. Things were done at 5ish. Not a bad start to the week. It was very warm though, but I suspect it'll get cold soon...so I should get some new work pants. I've gained a biiiiit of weight and last seasons work pants don't fit. For now, I should buy some in the next size up and then think about exercise and that stuff.

At home I threw on some PJ's and initiated relaxation mode. Talked with Tara and Justen for a while about this and that.

I ended things with Steve. The distance was getting to be too much to navigate in the long term and whatnot. As it goes.

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