Thursday, October 10, 2013

middle of the week & road


What can I say? Work. We had a 500 shirt order and we printed the backs. I caught them. It has gotten suddenly very cold in Santa Cruz. Like it just skipped being mild and went straight to cold. Not fun.

Talked to Carmen about Odd Owl stuff. Talked to Mom about mother/daughter stuff.

Cooked up some more rice to go with the remainder of my curry.


There is something in the works but I can't talk about it yet!

We did the backs on the big shirt order and the front and backs on another one. I also burned and double coated some screens for tomorrow. Then I spent the last chunk of my shift cleaning screens, but not reclaiming just yet.

I finished Oryx and Crake. I'm halfway through Year of the Flood, and I have the start of MaddAddam on my player. Amazing how fast I can get through audiobooks that are not 42 hours long!

At home I relaxed and watched telly. Talked to Jan. Had some tea.

Tomorrow is Thursday. A designated GET STUFF DONE day.

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