Tuesday, April 5, 2016

need a second weekend for my way too long weekend

So behind! I had two very busy days and at the end of either of them I didn't want to sum up I just wanted to go to sleep so here we go!


  • Got up early and packed up things for parents, things for the final bee class, things for Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of things.
  • Hustled over to Seabeck
  • Stopped by bank on the way and took out money
  • Gave money to Mom & Dad paying off a couple loans, whoo go me!
  • I also gave them chocolate and lapsang souchoung, which they liked
  • Got my bee hat and hustled back to Silverdale!
  • Final bee class was a bit cold so the bees were not able to be opened till the very end, still we saw a dead hive and the frames of foundation and it was pretty cool. One hive was able to be opened and with my veil I was able to get really close to the hive and bees. I saw a little baby one wriggle free from its comb! So cute!
  • Ran a Target errand and then just went back to Seabeck
  • Had noodles in the sun and talked with Ma & Pa some more, then took off for Port Townsend
  • My character died but was resurrected. A ton of us died, but many were fine to reroll characters. There were a few people missing and it was more manageable, though it might have been an easier final fight if we had more help. Still, it was epic. I drew and we stayed till it was done so I got home at 2ish.
  • Date day!
  • Got up early but not horribly early and felt pretty fine all day but the cold brew Storyville iced latte I had at 1pm helped a bunch
  • Got to the Bainbridge terminal and parked no problem and got on the ferry with plenty of time to spare
  • Arrived and got coffee and met John (who I met at Hateful Eight, he sat next to me and shared from his flask) up near Pike's Place Market. He bought some tea and we got salmon sandwiches and ate them in the viewing area and we chatted
  • TURNS OUT HE IS AN ACROBAT like wow that's so cool!
  • We went to see this circus and acrobat variety show that he knew (and acrobats with) some of the people in. It was really cool! There was a unicycle act with the gals and at one point one was on one of their shoulders, and that person was on the third's shoulders and they UNICYCLED LIKE THAT!!! And some other stunts that were just, wow.
  • Hula hoopers, this guy doing cool lasso tricks, people that hang from bars and do intense things, contortionists, a dance troop that wasn't so great, kid circus people. Just lots of, oh a wire act where she did splits ON THE WIRE! Yeah, lots of cool stuff. A really great demonstration and variety. John explained the two ways to hang from the top of your feet on a bar. Neither sounded fun.
  • Afterwards we had a nice little drink and got to know each other. We talked Ada Lovelace, clock making, type in comics, silly putty, making things. Just a wide variety of topics. He's a cool dude and he dropped me off at the ferry so I didn't have to track down a bus. Hope I can see him again soon but he has weekends and I anticipate not having weekends SOOO. We shall see. But yeah, a really nice date.
  • Got the ferry back, swung by Central Market, got home right at midnight which isn't bad at all.

  • Woke up then lay in bed for a few hours
  • Scrubbed the upstairs and downstairs showers, toilets, and floors
  • Also did the upstairs sink
  • Scrubbed all the downstairs linoleum
  • Swept out the dog room
  • Accumulated and then took the trash to the dump
  • Recycling too
  • Basically upped the clean level though there's still so much clutter
  • I'm hellbent on getting this house to next level nice
  • I need some boxes to put out of date books in so that I can clear up some more space
  • Food, internet, drew comic, relaxed, listened to a bunch of podcasts
  • Five day weekend is OVER now to work for three days, have two days, work two, three days off, work three...
  • Kinda want to go to Seattle next weekend too hmm

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