Wednesday, April 6, 2016

vexillogically vexed

Really happy with today's comic.

Work today went pretty fast, though one of my coworkers has left so now we're down another person and are even more short staffed. But there's some interviews coming up. Hopefully we get some good new people in, it's just unfortunate to have to spend so much time training! There's a lot of skills to be learned here. It's a good job but I guess a flexible part time job isn't for everyone. It's perfect for me though. So I'll be getting more hours which I'm not arguing against.

Today I finished cleaning the kitchen shelves and also did the counter tops. There were uber window washers in and they did a swell job. Raechel and I chatted a bunch. Tomorrow is a top to bottom mop and vacuum. All floors will be cleaned! Which is good because I've scattered a lot of crumbs. And I doubt it'll take the full shift to do, especially with two people.

Just looked at my calendar and saw I have another five days in a row! Wow! Actually the commute isn't so bad. It helps that I at most work six hours, so unless I do something that takes up time in Port Townsend after work, I get home at a good time. Like today I got gas and got a car wash (because I'm lazy)(and the car wash gobbled up my antenna topper oops) and was home at 3:30ish. Really good! Some of my sleep in days, I don't even get around to thinking about doing something till 3. I drew my comic earlier in the day and took a nap and used Barman's Friend or Barman's Buddy or Barkeeper's BFF or whatever that stuff is on some of the shower fixtures and they look so much shinier. I had some popcorn for dinner. Did dishes. Have a cuppa sleepytime.

OH! my JetPens order arrived and I am stoked. JetPens is the go to supply website for artists that like cool pens but don't have access to cool pens. But it also has a variety of other cool supplies. It's Japanese office supply focused. Lots of great Japanese brands, and free shipping on orders over $25! I picked up an orange pen case that has a deep pocket on one side, and a fold oven pen caddy on the other. Hard to describe I guess, but basically it has one half that is easy access for pens because they are secured with an elastic. No more digging through five Microns in the bottom of a bag to find that one size 03 I need for the panel borders. The other side is good for Tombows and erasers and miscellaneous stuff that I can rifle through. There were a few other pen cases that I had my eye on, but I'm really happy with this one. I don't like flap based pockets that bulge out. I like that all the pen storage in this is recessed so it stays the same size unless really overpacked. But I don't think I'll overpack it. It holds everything. I also got two Tombow brush pens, good for small brush stroke esque lines. And a Kuretake brush pen, which I used for all the non text and border lines in today's comic. Aren't they nice lines? Do you understand this comic a bit more:

It's not a real pen, it's just referencing the cool pens you have to special order.

Heheheh. But yeah, these pens are rad. And to get to the twenty five mark, I got two small rulers. Perfect for my drawing kit, because I've been using a used up gift card to draw small straight lines and it ain't great. One ruler has some non skid texture on the bottom, so it couples perfect with my Ames Lettering Guide. Now that I'm drawing again, I feel good treating myself to some trick art supplies. Though none of them were really that expensive. Some tubes of paint cost as much as all of this. Anyhoo. Now all I need is a perfect little sketchbook that is the perfect size and paperweight for doing comics that I can fit in my new pencil case, then I have my comic making supplies good to fully go! JetPens sells everything. It's a really cool website. I'm already making a wishlist for my next order. Which won't be for a while, I'm just now eyeballing their pencil sharpeners.

I still haven't set up my new laptop! Sorry Natey!!!! What I think I'll do is get my own monitor and keep my set up as is, but also transfer and backup the important stuff to the new laptop. So I'll have a portable computer and this will just be my desktop. So now to start budgeting for a monitor. I've kept this one long enough. And then if the hp goes kapoot, I can put the old one into it's place. It still works at its core. I've just been a bit overwhelmed and haven't sat down to really sort it all out.

Tomorrow is last day of work, then I want to push to get the rest of the house tidy and I gotta make the bed in the loft. Then two days off!

Ramble ramble. Let me know if you get anything from JetPens.

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