Wednesday, April 6, 2016

a sense of home and space and where we live

Back to work! I finished up with one room and wiped down the counters. Then started cleaning the kitchen shelves. Lots of taking out of dishes, cleaning the blue tacky no skid stuff, wiping out the shelves themselves, putting everything back. I'm only half done. I'll do the other half tomorrow. I have two more solo cleaning shifts. Then we're doing a top down floor cleaning.

After I got out, I left my car at work and walked the couple blocks downtown (only two blocks from the stairs that cut into downtown). I walked down the drag. Looked in at the bookstore. Got some fish tacos and a pint at Sirens. Then saw Hello, My Name is Doris at the Starlight Room. Very delightful movie! Sally Field is so good in it. And also a bit sad. It's a very compassionate movie. I recommend it.

Got out and it was still daylight! Got home and it was still daylight. Amazing.

Drew a comic, did laundry. My dark blue and white track jacket has a few stains (old stains) that i'm trying to get rid of. One of the stain removers lightened the white bit of the jacket so now there's a slightly uneven whiteness. Ha. I need to get some sort of... cleaner for tending to my lights. Things have gotten a bit ruddy.

Thinking about my recent drive to clean and organize, I feel it comes from a partial need to have this space be recognizable as mine. If only a little bit. Someone lives here now, it isn't just a vacation home. I shant go into detail and I am not calling Ma & Pa out! They're awesome and it's so great they trust me with this space. I want to do right by it and everything I want to do is in the hopes of making it better.

I also reorganized the laundry room a little bit to make some things more accessible.

Hello, My Name is Doris stirred it up in me a bit.

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