Saturday, April 9, 2016

triple threat

 Yesterday was nice. Did a major vacuum and mop at work. Really got the dirt off the ground. Went deep into the corners. Moved the tables and chairs out of the way. Moved rugs. Was very thorough! Did the sinks. Mopped the laundry rooms. Dusted the ceiling nooks with the long duster. Chatted with coworker.

After work I swung by the library and picked up a fat stack of books. Then I made a grocery run. Went home. Napped. Drew. Slept.

Brynne's visit itinerary changed so I had Friday open for myself to chill.
 I cranked open the windows, whipped out the hummus and Juanitas and Ninkasi. Played video games on the porch and absorbed the sun and warmth. The windows are still open in many places. How nice! Can't beat a light Pacific Northwest breeze. In the evening I went over to Celia's to watch Pacific Rim, but the dvd didn't work on her computer so she crutched over and I grabbed the popcorn and we watched Pacific Rim (which I picked up as a $5 dvd) at my place. It was hella fun! Love that movie so much. Love it so much I drew an EXTRA COMIC! Which I am debuting here first:
Nighty night.

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