Saturday, August 10, 2013

and thus my quest advances


Oops. Went to bed totally neglecting to blog. But it was a fairly standard day. Jeff returned and I coated screens while he set up. I counted in shirts for plenty o' jobs. We ran a couple jobs. Not a bad day.

Back at home I relaxed for a bit, then went to the 10pm showing of Elysium. It was good. Not great phenomenal OH MY GOD. You know how I get about movies when they really excite me. It had some really cool special effects and scenes, but it needed more character development all around. Just a few minutes more for each character, and for the inhabitants of Elysium. Not MUST SEE in theaters cool, but still cool.

Monuments Men looks awesome.


Annnd another week is done! We ran a job in the morn then did shop stuff while waiting for stuff to come in. We reorganized the tester shirt bin. Vacuumed. Listened to Fellowship of the Ring. It's a long ass book though. I seem to remember it being shorter. An hour of listening and Frodo is STILL in the Shire!

I looked at a room after work. It was in a house with two other ladies around my own age. The room was smaller, the house in general was smaller, but it was a quiet neighborhood...but I'd also have to sign a lease...but the move in time works for me and there is parking and I can paint the walls and the closet space is HUGE... ahhhg. I just really like MY house. And MY place. I like where I am NOW. Boo.

I went to a movie night down at the station. Ryan, Marina, James. The usual suspects, as well as Alex, Jill, and....I forget her name but we met before and she is really nice. Snacks, beer, food, and Mystery Men and Severance double feature, aw yeah.

A nice night. Don't know what I'll do tomorrow exactly, but first I shall sleep in!

Well, I'll probably apply to more houses and places. Just gotta keep applying.

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