Wednesday, August 7, 2013

goose island ipa fan club

Met up with Ryan and Marina at 99 Bottles, and it was raffle night! But even with 9 tickets between us, none of us came up winners. Still, it was fun. I had the beer sausage with sauerkraut and waffle fries. And I got them to sign off the beer (which wasn't a numbered beer) as #16, so now I don't have to order Bud Light to complete my card! HA! Beating the system!

Long after the last beer was drunk (well about an hour and a half), I drove Ryan home because the last bus was at 10 and sometimes it is easier to wait around and give a friend a ride then to loose a friend earlyish in the night, ya know? I only got a LITTLE bit side tracked on the way back. Though getting lost in Santa Cruz is like, a five minute detour. It's not a big place.

I heard back from an apartment inquiry! Hurray! My first one! I'm checking them out on Friday. So that is heartening.

We ran a quick job. Just some sweaters. Then I reclaimed and cleaned and cleaned some more and coated what I reclaimed yesterday. Now I have a good stack to coat tomorrow, and a good stack to reclaim. I'm getting that catch up like I asked for! Hurray!

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