Thursday, August 8, 2013

"wonderfully" is one word for it

Jeff wasn't at work due to not feeling all that well. Boo!

But it gave me the day to get the stuff done that needed doing. Like coating the 15 screens from yesterday and reclaiming 24 screens to coat tomorrow. And counting in shirts. And burning a buncha screens, and taping those screens. That took the day. That and listening to The Name of the Wind, which is a nifty book. Took a while to get used to the narrator, but he is really good at different accents.

Now we are ready to take on the world! The world of printing.

At home I sat on the back porch and kept Janet company while she sorted through stuff. This old 1967 sex ed book was uncovered. Illustrated and designed for 4-6 graders. Oh it is hilarious and REALLY inaccurate and just....wrong. A lot of "this is as God wants it" and "sometimes Mom and Dad hug and kiss....then BABIES" type stuff. I'm going to scan some of the illustrations, because they are retro and lovely.

* * * * *

For the Game of Thrones gift exchange, I volunteered to be a "regifter" which means that for people who get nothing because their original gifter was a poop, they get a chance for someone to gift them something, if someone is willing to do that...that someone being a "regifter". So I did a little portrait of The Hound and I'll mail that off to them tomorrow before work. Yay gifts!

A pretty good day. And now it is Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

The Hound is good and scary! xoxomum