Saturday, August 27, 2016

otter apologist

September 10th: when everything stops being busy. I can't wait. After the wedding there is nothing in my calendar in terms of things being done.

Today was Karen's bridal shower! I gave her a jade plant from my master jade. Not as nice as some of the cookwear and storage solutions she got, but appreciated. I have yet to give her a cutting from my master. There was pink champagne cake and coffee and tea and lots of good company. I broke in my heels a little more. Afterwards I helped paint a thing for the wedding that is super cool but I won't go into too much detail, You'll just have to wait and seeeeeee.

Heather and Daniel's visit was perfect! They brought me good food to eat and share in eating, I bought some dessert which I forgot about one night and then we ate on the raft the next day for a sweet lunch. We sunbathed and swam and Daniel cleaned the otter poop (called spraint) off the raft, and the seal afterbirth. Always with the afterbirth. He still loves those otters, and in the last hour of their visit three of them climbed on the raft and he watched excitedly through binoculars. We talked art and people, and drank the french wine I had been given by Brynne, and Jeanne and Brynne were at Celia's one night and they made tacos and we had that.

H&D did the dishes too. Such wonderful company. It's nice to have people you can talk easily with, but also spend some time reading in a quiet group. Heather got a kick out of the Far Side collection.

And we threw seaweed at one another.

Work has been good. Lots of turns, lots of warm weather, lots of hard work and getting it done. We did the whole run of weekly chores in one shift just to get everything REALLY nice.

Now I'm tired and I got work tomorrow. Not till 10, but I need to focus on getting better nights sleep.

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