Monday, September 2, 2013

too hot to enjoy the heat


Woke up to an oppressive heat. Just that warmth that is all "yeah, I'm going to be really hot today". So I bought some ice cream and sat on the porch and read. Didn't get up to much. Janet is slowly packing up the house. Glasses. The couch was put on the curb and some people grabbed it an hour and a half later (it's always smart to put a "free couch" posting on Craigslist to get rid of things quickly like that).

My seat belt retractor broke, so I spent time Googling and talking to Dad and trying to figure out how to fix it. But I lack the tools to remove the bolts. But I'm sure we'll have the tools at work, so hopefully I can get it sorted soon. Stupid thing. Don't want to take out the whole side panel, but I might have to. Don't want to take it to a repair shop either but hey, might have to. Bleh.

Been watching Stephen Fry in America on Netflix. It's pretty good. He drives around to all the states and interviews people.


Another warm wakeup with some more porch reading. Got groceries later on. Don't want to drive more than necessary. Certainly don't want to go on a road that goes more than 35mph. How do people just drive without their seat belts?

Working on my continent drawing. So easy to do digitally! Lotsa fun.

Right now I'm working on my Goodreads profile, hopefully as a way to get suggestions for new books! Not that I don't already have enough on my shelf AND in my audiobook queue.

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