Saturday, August 31, 2013

part of the record

You know that you know it is going to be hot when you just leave your sweater at home. Normally I bring one for the start of the day but nooooope. It was hot and it stayed hot. Mixed ink. Taped stuff. Counted things in. The job had several color changes, and the front and back had to be hand pulled because they were large images, and it was discharge ink which is a fuss! Poor Jeff looked so beat. I cleaned up the ink and broke down the press and call it one warm warm day. Gaah. I drank plenty of water but still. So much sweat. Rarely do I shower right after work but oh that shower felt great.

So yeah. Weekend!

I went to Bookshop Santa Cruz to look at their birthday cards because I need to get a card for.....someone... uhm. Ahem.

And snagged a great deal on hardback copy of Reamde. I saw the pile and then had the devil of a time trying to find the pile again. So many books!

Ryan and I met up and we went to 99 Bottles and met his friends Hillary and Dean for dinner and brews. I knocked #41 off my card and had some fish and chips. Hillary and Dean are super into comics so we chatted a whole bunch and got along great! We cruised by their house to drop some stuff off. Hillary lent me a few issues of Finder! YAY COMICS! Yay new friends. Hahah.

Then back we went downtown to see The World's End. Yes I saw it last week. It was worth seeing again. Very funny and fantastic. Lots of great physical comedy bits and little touches. The people really know what they are doing when it comes to making these movies. Hope they make another one soon!

Lotsa people out tonight, and some were rowdy. Be interesting to move and see a new part of this city, though not being so bikeable to the theaters is a bummer.

Also! One of those gift exchanges I did set the world record for the largest online secret Santa at 44,805 participants! So cool!

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