Tuesday, August 27, 2013

cricket and the Perg

Coyotes got the goats at work. Awful. Just awful. And they had just gotten named! And it was during the day! So awful.

Anyhoo. I touched up the gilding on the sign and it is done and it looks awesome. I caught a job too, and broke down the press. I counted in some shirts. A nice full day, as doing the gilding takes time and patience.

After work, I met up with Benjamin. I met Benjamin and Jenn and Steve's wedding. He is from Santa Cruz but is going off to study abroad and what not. He was in town and we hung out, which was awesome because I got a Santa Cruzian's description of downtown. We had a pint at the Poet and I learned to play darts (I won by a slim margin). We had dinner at India Joze and it was VERY good. Indian fusion? I don't know what to describe it as, but it was flavorful and awesome. It was a nice clear night. Perfect to wander around and get what this and that building is pointed out to me. We finished at Cafe Pergolesi and called it a night at around 9ish. A nice little weekday evening. Fun to have visitors, even if we've only actually met once before. Yay for Facebook for making various kinds of contact easier!

And yay for getting out of the house, haha.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. But too bad hunters don't go after the Coyotes.