Thursday, September 5, 2013

Janet is the best, no lie

My eye is looking lots better. Still a bit of redness but generally it seems to be healing.

Work was fun. Brought in cheese puffs and got Kara addicted to them. Trader Joe's white cheddar puffs are sooooo good. Mmm. Jeff warned her, but did she listen?

I burned a bunch of screens all through the day. Caught a couple jobs. Broke down the press. Generally I was awesome. Boss said we are going to be printing some really awesome posters coming up soon. Won't go into detail due to probable disclosure contracts. But it's neat!

I really like my job. I can be goofy yet respected for my drive. I can listen to audiobooks. I can give input into matters. It's awesome.

Once home, I got a text from Janet informing me that I can have the rest of the ice cream pie she made. I thump thump thump thump thumped down the stairs SO FAST! So tasty. Just like chocolate and ice cream in a graham cracker pie tin. I'll have to get her recipe.

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