Friday, September 16, 2016

Here ya go

It’s Friday! And my blog continues to update irregularly. I spoiled y’all by having so many years of daily posts.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Hmm.

So Tuesday I was a sick little me. I got sick!! But it did not incapacitate me. Instead I spent the whole day, despite taking a Claritin in the morning (which was my last one and I know I had more, so who ate all my Claritin, those things are expensive, yo!) oozing snot. Just so much snot. So much tissues. So much desperately trying to keep things clean at work. I made double sure to sanitize after myself. I was pulled from cookie making duty. Boss let me go home early. I bought more decongestant, some menthol rub, and night time cough syrup. At home I had some udon with tapatio and fish sauce and then snuggled into bed for medically assisted rest. I was out 7-9, 9-midnight, then midnight to 6 which is when my alarm went off.

I woke up feeling MUCH better. My throat was sore but my body felt fine. Hurray! Nice to not miss work.

I got there are pleasant as could be and I was on laundry. First time in a while. I got those sheets and towels out of the rooms and into the machines. I got the beds made. Got it all done. Whooo! And I went home to more noodles and rest.

The final day was pretty chill. We got all the rooms turned and fluffed in rapid speed. It’s been a bit slower so not every room has needed treatment. The cookies didn’t have the right ingredients proportioned so they didn’t turn out. I did the office. I did the floors. It was all around pretty good. Erin drank out of my mug though.

I’m going to test if I can upload my blog via a text file transferred to my phone, because my internet isn’t working again. It seems like if I can connect to Celia’s wifi and then bounce to the boosted one it’s fine, but it’s having challenges getting onto Celia’s.

Today I slept in and made a garbage run. I need to do some dishes and tidying up now. Spent maybe too long playing computer games, but I beat the Rebel Flagship in a tricky ship that I’ve barely been able to get past the second sector in! That’ s huge!


It worked like a charm! Good to know I can update via usb like this.

I will say it's very hard to insert images on my phone. Y'all better appreciate this!

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