Saturday, November 13, 2010

options breed impulse

Trying to check my bank balance online. Dumb site won't fully load. LAAME.

Anyway, another restful night of sleep. Sort of a slow start to the day. Oatmeal and tea. The usual. Today's plans were to go to Fred Meyers for toiletries and other things that Trader Joe's does not typically offer. The pros of TJ's is that the selection remains about the same and realizing "oh I don't have that, I should get it" doesn't happen all that often. You get what you come for, you spend less than you were expecting, and all is good. The cons are it doesn't have variety or price competition. Things like bacon cost more, and they only have one type of conditioner, and if you want a good conditioner or skin care than isn't 50% patchouli, then you have to go to a larger store. Then you wind up at Fred Meyer's and you get your hair stuff and your skin stuff and your makeup remover because it is time to stop mooching your roommates and your bacon and your eggs and your incense and so on. Fred Meyers really gets you with that "and so on". Oh well. Now I have good conditioner. Going to make my hair soft and luscious. I got a special deep moisturizing kind. See how it goes. Just gotta avoid "a little shopping trip" there for a while.

Dang, I really wish Kitsap Credit Union would let me in to see my statement!

Started listening to The Girl Who Played with Fire. Good listen thus far. When I walked to Freddie's I way undershot it. It is on 20th, not 16th. Oops. But it was a nice walk. Had the last bit of macaroni and cheese for late lunch, and a salad, and powdered propel.

Then I worked on rewriting my proposal. It is better than editing because rewriting helps solidify statements in my mind. What I write that comes naturally is superior because I am not copying. It also allows me to rethink order, to group things better (the format discussion is streamlined, as opposed to being all over the place). And to get rid of more vague areas.

Tomorrow Samala and I are going to meet up and practice. I need to work on my process art work. Also need to redocument my comic. I just realized I have no idea where my comics are! In a portfolio I assume, but which one?

I might be going in on some bulk shirts, so I can print up some of my Pride and Prejudice/my face shirts for holiday art sale/gift giving.

Now the time to be productive starts. Hurrah! So yeah, go to school. Scan. Practice. Edit. Animation stuff. Go home, stay up late watching my stories and feeling good about being productive. Monday: more proposal practice. More animation stuff? Slide show editing. That is all it is now. Slide show slide show slide show. Oh also there is a life skills for adults workshop at school on Monday. Skills like needle felting, how to make mozzarella cheese, and more! So that will be fun.

Look pa: it is before 10pm and I have written my days post! Ha!

Right now I don't quite know how to add some of the concepts Martin is asking us about. I need to think about them a little more. Such as cultural context of our work, why it is important for us to do it, broader concepts...stuff like that.

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Good Trill. I see your schedule is a little more normal. Pa